Ally’s #21: The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

I think this is the third time I’ve read through this series, and it never gets old. Sadly, I was not introduced to any of C.S. Lewis’ writings until well into adulthood. Here’s making up for lost time! I’m pretty sure this series has been thoroughly reviewed on this blog before, so I’ll just quickly share my favorite tid-bits.

First, I’m surprised that The Magician’s Nephew was not made into a movie. Perhaps my favorite scene–the one where Aslan’s song brings life to the nothingness–would have been too great a challenge to reproduce. It would’ve been a delight to see Aslan touching noses with the pairs of animals he had chosen for his inner circle. I also would’ve enjoyed seeing the animals trying to figure out Uncle Andrew…burying him, watering him, and finally pelting him with forest cuisine. Goodness knows he deserved that and a great deal more.

I enjoyed the comparing and contrasting between Empress Jardis (the Witch) and Uncle Andrew. The world revolves around them, and they expect all those in their presence to acquiesce to their bidding. Part of me wishes the Witch would’ve been left in the Wood between the Worlds, where her powers were diminished. A nice, long time-out there would’ve done her some good.

The playfulness of Lewis’ writing is incredibly charming. I appreciate, however, the way in which he is able to cast a serious, awe-filled atmosphere around Aslan’s character. Like when Aslan confronts Digory about how the Witch happened to find her way into Narnia–I could picture the shame Digory felt…the kind that makes your heart beat rapidly as you feel all the blood in your body suddenly rush to your head.

When the other reading I’m doing gets to heavy, it’s nice to know that I can come back to this series, give my mind a break, and give my heart a boost.

I’ll close with my favorite quote:

Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed.

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