Mark’s #2 – Churchill by Paul Johnson

January 18, 2011 // 0 Comments

It could be argued that for the preservation of western ideals and culture, Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was the most important man in the 2oth century.  Not only was he crucial to the survival of democratic Europe, he was immensely talented, hardworking, funny, cunning, adventurous, joyful, articulate, ambitious and artistic. Winston wore many hats during his lifetime; soldier, parliamentarian, prime minister, master orator, painter, husband, world leader, and prolific writer.  In this book, author and historian Paul Johnson does a masterful job of walking the reader through Winston’s life – the highs and lows, the battles won and lost, the personal shortcoming and remarkable attributes that made Winston who he was. In the 1930s, Churchill, like a prophet, decried the build-up of Nazi Germany whilst most of England and the world shouted him down with chants of “Peace, peace, peace!”.  The world had just recently gone through the first World War, and most were not eager to entertain the idea of yet another, more horrific war to come.  As a result, western European countries did nothing (to the dismay of Churchill) when Hitler invaded Czechloslavakia in 1938 – perhaps the best and biggest army outside of Germany at the time.  Hitler continued […]