Ron’s #6: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens


It’s that time of year again when I read A Tale of Two Cities for my 10th grade Honors literature class. This year marks my fifth time teaching it, and, like all other years, I read every word of the novel. I love it. It is one of my top five of all-time. A Tale of Two Cities has one of the best literary characters in Sydney Carton, and it has perhaps my favorite ending of any novel. Teaching this novel is a joy as I try to win over 15-year-olds who hate it during the first few chapters, but are in literal literary tears at the end. In tomorrow’s class, the remaining chapters are due, and I’m looking forward to hearing their thoughts. I sat in my comfy chair last night slowly reading, and rereading, those last few pages, hoping to extend them out a few more pages. They are that good.

I’ve written three other reviews for this novel on this site here and here and here, in case you are interested. (The first one from 2011 is most thorough). For something different, I thought I’d post my teaching unit guide that I created. If you are a teacher, you are welcome to use it. If you are not a teacher, perhaps this review will motivate you to read it, and the unit guide will help you read it clearer and better. Here it is:

If you are looking for a book club pick, look no further. Money-back guarantee that it is better than Gone Girl or Fifty Shades of Stupidity or whatever else makes the book club rounds.

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