Ron’s #13: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

I listen to Dave Ramsey on again off again throughout the year. It’s been more on lately. I appreciate his reminders and encouragement to get out of debt and build wealth, not for the sake of being rich, but rather for helping people and having freedom. I like that.

While we are not in debt, I appreciate his focus on getting focused financially.

That is more about his radio show than this book. I read it, and honestly would have not had a full picture without the radio show. I know that sounds odd, but the book feels piecemealed together, interrupted by stories that seem to interfere with the key points of Dave Ramsey’s plan. I don’t think that this book is a good starting point for the baby steps. I learned far more from his show than I did from this book.

Coincidentally, I have a call in to the show to ask Dave a question, and I’m typing this as I await his callback.

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