Ron’s #47: Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling

Reading a 700-plus-page book at the end of a 52-book challenge is not the wisest idea. What I thought would be a quick read quickly became tedious to finish. It was not the length, but rather the content.

I have never been the biggest Harry Potter fan. I read the books slow and steady, about one every three years. I still have only seen the first movie. While I enjoy the story, I am not compulsed to read and watch through the series in one block of time.

Contrary to what this sounds like, I do enjoy the books while I’m reading them. It’s a well-written series with a great premise about good and evil. In our relativistic, post-modern world, it is refreshing to have a story where there are good guys and bad guys, a story where we want the good guys to win. That is something I appreciate about this series.

The Goblet of Fire did not have the most compelling storyline. I understand that I am not alone in thinking that HP 4 is the weakest one so far. I was not intrigued by the Triwizard championship and didn’t care who would win; the storyline about Hermoine’s quest for fair treatment of elves seemed forced (and, quickly disappeared by the end of the book); the switching of Mad-Eye Moody felt like a cheap trick. As always, I cannot stand reading through a Quiddich match. They are the parts I skim.

I’ll continue reading through the series, especially now that I am over halfway through. I’m in no hurry though. The next Harry Potter will be on my 2013 reading list.

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  1. Better not tell Emily. 😀
    I read Hp4 Last year and I agree it wasn’t the best in the series. Hermoine’s fight for equality annoyed me to death. But, unlike you, the only part I actually read in that book was the Quiddich match. Over all, not the best. But, nevertheless you’d still find me with a Harry Potter Novel next year.

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