Ron’s #46: Free-Range Chickens by Simon Rich

I usually do not take recommendations for books, as I have far too many from my own interests and collection to read through. However, a student from my English class showed me a selection from Simon Rich’s Free-Range Chickens that related to something from our study of Voltaire’s Candide. I read a few pages of this funny book, and went through the whole thing, laughing all the way.

Currently the youngest writer on Saturday Night Live, Simon Rich gives us a book that is a cross between The Onion, David Sedaris, and that really funny friend in high school that you not-so-secretly envied. Free-Range Chickens is funny, funny stuff.

I’m already planning on getting his previous book, Ant Farm. You can download a chapter or two of each on Kindle for free to get a taste.

Thanks, Zoey, for this recommendation!

A conversation between the people who hid in my closet every night when I was seven

Freddy Krueger: When do you guys want to kill him?

Murderer from the six o’clock news: How about right now?

Dead Uncle whose body i saw at an open casket funeral: I say we do it when he gets up to pee. You know, when he’s walking down the hallway, in the dark.

Freddy Krueger: What if he doesn’t get up?

Murderer: He’ll get up. Look at how he’s squirming. It’s only a matter of time.

Dead Uncle: Man, I cannot wait to kill this kid.

Murderer: Same here.

Freddy Krueger: I’ve wanted to kill him ever since he saw my movie.

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