Ron’s #13: Churchill by Paul Johnson

Winston Churchill has been on my mind lately for no apparent reason. I thought it was time I read something about him.

This slim book was a nice introduction to this great man, even though most of it read more like an encyclopedia than a passionate account of one of the greatest personalities of the 20th century. When the timeline reaches World War II, the narrative begins to sparkle and offers more dimensions to this mythical, larger-than-life statesman.

Here are a few interesting facts that I’ve learned from this book:

  • Churchill hated the movie Citizen Kane. (Strangely enough, I couldn’t stop making comparisons between these two men.)
  • Churchill’s son-in-law was a stand-up comedian.
  • He became a prolific painter later in life, amassing over 500 pieces.
  • He has little tolerance for whistling and those who did it. Coincidentally, Hitler was a notorious whistler.
  • His famous pseudo-angry blurb regarding the prepositions at the end of sentences: “Up with this I will not put!”
  • Churchill is often cited as the source of the V-sign (for victory) and the terms “iron curtain” and “cold war.”

Winston Churchill is a politician to be admired, especially during wartime. He provided his countrymen leadership, determination, pride, and hope in the face of Hitler’s terrorism throughout Europe. In the current milieu of pandering and appeasement with our current American president, a biography of Churchill is a refreshing read.

The world needs fewer Chamberlains and more Churchills.

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  1. /did you know he wrote most of his speeches in iambic pentameter?? an interesting tidbit for the likes of … well, me.

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