Mark’s #7 – Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God by John Piper

Think is John Piper’s plea to Christians to engage their minds in the process of delighting in God, and therefore glorifying God.  If you’ve read any of Pipers many books you’ve probably picked up on this theme in other areas of life as well.

Piper is clear from the beginning that the aim of this book is different from some of the other very well done books done regarding the Christian mind.  This book is a kind of apologetic for thinking, but not in the way the other books are.  Piper, as a pastor, and as someone with a passion for God’s glory in all things, approaches thinking, and our need for thinking rightly from that angle.

The big idea of this book was, for me, worth the price of the book.

Loving God with the mind means that our thinking is wholly engaged to do all it can to awaken and express the heartfelt fullness of treasuring God above all things (pg. 80).

That focus of WHY we are called to love God with our minds was eye-opening for me.

Think is not John Pipers best book (he would probably agree that Desiring God holds that position).  There are parts of the book that seemed a bit foggy or unnecessarily long.  There are other points that Piper addresses that other authors seem to do a better job of bringing forth their importance with more clarity.  However, I do think Think adds a positive contribution to the wider variety of Christian books dealing with the life of the mind in our faith.

Here are just a couple of suggestions for other books in this general realm:

Love Your God with All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul by J.P. Moreland

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Mark Noll

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