Mark’s #5 – Children of Men by P.D. James

Set in 2021, this dystopian tale is about what happens to the world when in 1995, infertility completely covers the globe, for an unknown reason.   This event spawns chaos and societal degradation.  Most of the world’s governments collapse, while England holds out with strict laws, immigration policies, punishments, suicide rituals for the elderly,  and demeaning intrusions into the private lives of its citizens such as force fertility exams and government sponsored pornography shops.

Against this a small band of resistors tries to rise up and restore dignity and hope.  The key to this hope comes in the form of a pregnant woman (the first one over 25 years).

On the plane ride from Tokyo to America I had the opportunity to watch the 2006 movie based on the novel.  In and of itself, the movie was ok, but is often the case, the plot changes only subtracted from the original storyline.  At times, reading the book I got chills as I was terrofied by a phrase or turn in the story.  Furthermore, the culmination of the book was far superior to the movie.

I love a good dystopian future (don’t ask me why). This book ranks up there with some of the best.

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