Mark’s #47 – Uncommon by Tony Dungy (288 pages)

Tony Dungy is a highly respected person in the world of football.  As a coach, he won the Superbowl with the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.  At the pinnacle of his carreer, Tony Dungy stepped down to spend time mentoring young men.  He is a committed Christian with some good thoughts and insights on what it means to succeed in life and live significantly.

Uncommon is Tony’s second book, after Quite Strength (I have not read that one).  This book seems to be Tony’s life manual for men.  In it he encourages men to think about and live out what it means to be honorable, respectable, humble, committed, faithful, a good father, son, brother, or husband – to be uncommon in today’s society.   Because of Tony’s success in the high profile world of sports in America, he realizes he has been given a platform to speak truth into this culture. The book itself, while solid, isn’t much different from the material you would hear at a Promise Keeper’s event or other men’s conference.

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