Mark’s #42 – Revival by Stephen King (2015)

Occasionally I enjoy reading Stephen King because I know the story will always be creative and sometimes thought-provoking.  At other times, King is just a bit too bizarre for my tastes – Revival is on of those books.

I appreciate King’s unique perspective, but more often than not, when it comes to metaphysical reality, he seems to paint a caricature of Christianity.  In this case, the protagonist of the story is a former Methodist pastor who bitterly turns away from faith upon the tragic death of his young wife and son.  What follows is a life of pursuing ‘special power’ and various healings through electrical treatment.  To conduct his experiments and healings, Charlie Jacobs eventually becomes a t.v. ‘faith healer’…

At any rate, I was fairly bored by the book, I persisted to the end, but just barely.

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