Mark’s #4 – Insane City by Dave Barry

Dave Barry is an author who is know for his hilarious insights on everything from money, to traveling in Japan, to advice on being a guy, and much more.  He spent years writing humor articles for the Miami Herald as well as several books. This book is unlike his other works however, because this book is a novel, and a funny one at that.

Insane City is the story of an average Joe who is about to marry into one of the world’s most wealthy families.  The wedding is to take place at a fancy five star hotel in Miami.  The bachelor party begins a couple days before, and immediately takes a wrong turn.  Imagine something along the lines of the movie The Hangover.  For example, at one point in the story, an Orangutang plays a major role in the story.

Dave Barry paints a great picture of many of the bizarre aspects of this Insane City, while also keeping the plot moving along with very funny twists and turns.

If you’re looking for a fun beach read this summer, add this to your list.

*Note: I recall now that there is a bit of crude humor employed in a few scenes in the book along with profanity.

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