Mark’s #39 – Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders (208 pages)

Originally written in 1967, Spiritual Leadership has become a classic in the realm of Christian leadership.   I first read this book a few years ago with some other men. I remembered being convicted and encouraged by Sanders solid biblical exhortations and guidance.

This time I listened to the audiobook version (as it was the free book of the month on a few months ago).   While I was once again convicted and encouraged by the book, I would not recommend the audio version.

This is a book that would be best read slowly and with another person or group.  As I drove down the highway, I heard good point after good point on leadership practice.  However, these kind of points are best read, then meditated upon, and preferably discussed with others for both personal and corporate application.

Final conclusion: This is a solid book to read… grab a friend and go through it together… don’t listen to it.

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