Mark’s #33 – Switch: How to Change Things When Change is hard (320 pages)

Anyone who is either responsible for or personally motivated to be a change agent in any realm of life should read this book – whether it’s for personal change and growth, change within your faith community, in a non-profit organization, in a business, or even on the macro-government level (basically everyone).

This book came highly recommended by two people I greatly respect.  I put off reading the book longer than I should have because I thought it would be a bit too ‘corporate’ leadership kind of stuff – which is alright, just not my favorite genre.  Now my only regret is that I didn’t read it, and begin implementing the principles espoused in the book earlier.

The authors, Chip and Dan Heath do a great job of drawing from a wide variety of people, places, organizations, research results, and problems to show how change almost always follows a pattern.  Along the way, they use the analogy of the rider and the elephant.

All of us have both a rider side and an elephant side.  The rider is the rational side of who we are.  The elephant is the emotional side.   For change to occur, we must reach both the rider and the elephant, as well as shape the path for them to travel to make the switch.  The book shows how one goes about doing just that.

At the end of the book there is a one-page overview of the book and it’s core principals… Helpfully, the authors have provided a .pdf download for you to view here:

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  1. Thanks Mark for taking the time to review the books you read for the rest of us. I appreciate that and because you are one of the people that I greatly respect, I’m ordering our copy today. 🙂

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