Mark’s #30: ‘Dug Down Deep’ by Joshua Harris (241 pages)

Dug Down Deep is a mix between an introduction to systematic theology and an autobiography.   Joshua Harris, perhaps most famous for his books ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ and ‘Boy Meets Girl’, wrote this book to show his journey of discovering the importance of studying, discerning, and embracing sound theology.  Along the way, each chapter deals with a specific area of doctrine.

This book is a great book for the young, restless, and reformed (or reforming) crowd.  Harris makes it clear which authors and pastors he draws heavily upon.  It is the typical list among the new Calvinist movement – Piper, Grudem, Packer, Dever, Mahaney.   As such, those who are already familiar with, and have read, the works of these authors will not get many new insights into doctrine, life, and faith.

However, for the new believer or the young Christian aged 16-35, I would gladly recommend this book.  Joshua does a good job of showing the connection between life and doctrine, which can sometimes be lost in the study of systematic theology.

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  1. Thanks Mark! I appreciate you taking the time to review this book for us. I will order a copy today as our “people group” most assuredly fits the demographic you mention. Couldn’t we all use a little more “connection between life and doctrine”. Thanks again!

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