Mark’s #27 – Simple Genius by David Baldacci (420 Pages)

Recently, my wife picked up a couple free copies of David Baldacci books.  I noticed on the inside cover of this book that is was signed by the author.  I wondered why someone would give away autographed copy of a book – I now know the reason; this was not a very good book.

Normally I like David Badacci’s creative thriller novels… I did not like this one…  The storyline seemed too contrived and convoluted.  There were too many themes that were poorly and vaguely developed. With 200 pages left to go in the story, I was wishing I could give up – but I needed the book for!

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  1. Just read my first Baldacci this summer (bought it in the Bangkok Airport on the way to India), and it was great. Those 500 pages were read in no time!

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