Mark’s #23 – A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson (397 pages)

Seeing as Ron has already read and written a review on this book, I’ll keep my comments short.

Here’s a quick summary:

Bill Bryson is a funny guy who one day decides he’s going to try to walk the 2,200 mile Appalachian trail that extends from Maine down to Georgia.  Along the way, an old friend joins him on the adventure.

SPOILER ALERT: They don’t make it.

I enjoy books about monumental adventures… and this book tried to do that… but it didn’t they ended up only making it about 40% of the way… and well, for me, the book was about 40% good.

I was disappointed because I thought the book would be much more funny… To be sure, there were some really funny moments… But overall, I felt like reading the book sort of dragged on like the author’s quest. If this book would have been about 60% shorter it would be a decent read.

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