Mark’s #22 – The Sword: A Novel (Chiveis Trilogy) by Brian Litfin (416 pages)

Imagine a world ravaged by deadly plague-like disease, mass starvation and drought, and total nuclear Holocaust.  The effects, obviously, would be devastating.  The Sword is a novel that takes place 400 years in the future after all these things happen around 2040.  As a result, only small pockets of humanity have survived and grown.  It is a world of chivalry, honor, and striving for existence.

Lost in this world is most of the technological advances of the past several hundred years… In addition, God’s Word has been lost as well. In it’s place have rushed new man made religions… until the hero and heroine of the book discover a portion of God’s Word… as they translate it and read it, they’re forced to struggle with who this God is, and who they are in light of this new discovery.

The Sword is an Epic adventure novel with strong theological roots that explores many Biblical themes such as the sovereignty of God, the irrepressibility of God’s Word, human depravity, and more.

I’ve read lots of Christian novels in a variety of genres… What I appreciated about this book is the way it dealt with theological issues.  The author did not do the normal Christian cliche thing where all turns out smoothly in the end… rather, as the charachters in the book are forced to wrestle with theology, the reader is forced to do the same.

I really enjoyed this read… though I’m bummed that the next book in the trilogy does not come out for quite some time…

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  1. I’m starting to think that Christian fiction really can address important issues. This seems like a good read, Mark.

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