Mark’s #15 – The Associate by John Grisham (422 pages)

The Associate is a fast-paced lawyer/spy novel in classic Grisham style.  After reading East of Eden by Steinbeck, the difference between good literature and ‘mind candy’ could not be more striking.  This book certainly isn’t going to make you think deeply about life… but it was fun, intriguing, and fast-paced nonetheless.

In this novel, Grisham paints quite a picture of what it would look like to begin work as an associate in one of the largest law firms in New York City… In a word – miserable.  The fast-paced, overworked greed machine that is corporate law firms devour their new associates with 100 hour work weeks, constant pressure to “bill more hours”, and bilk the Fortune 500 clients.

Kyle McAvoy, the main character, has no desire to live such a life, but he’s forced to through blackmail from an incident in his early college days.  The person blackmailing Kyle is seeking military secrets from a company the firm Kyle is forced to work for and spy on against his will.

The story line is intriguing throughout the book and it keeps one’s attention… I kind of felt like I was reading a mix between a David Baldacci spy thriller and a typical Grisham lawyer novel… ***spoiler alert*** my only complaint  was the ending… I felt like it had potential to end with a bang, but instead seemed to fizzle out…

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