Mark’s #14 – Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden

On a cold night in January in North Korea, when Shin Donghyuk crawled over the electrocuted and dead body of his friend and fellow defector, his saga to become the first known escapee from a North Korean (NK) prison camp 14 had just begun.  This book tells the heart-wrenching story of Shin’s birth, life, and escape from from that prison, and his struggle to find a life of hope, wholeness, and healing – first in China, then in South Korea, and now in the United States.

As I read the book, I was freshly horrified by man’s inhumanity to man… and horrified by the lack of international awareness, compassion, and action to end this human rights crisis.  For decades now people have wondered why the Allied troops in WWII did not bomb the train lines leading to Auschwitz.  Yet anyone with an internet connection can see Google satellite images of this active concentration camp here.

You can read John’s excellent review of the book here.

Escape from Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West

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