Mark’s #11 – The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete (254 pages)

About six weeks ago our family welcomed a new member; a chocolate lab we have named Piper (yes, after John Piper).  When we got her as an 8-week-old puppy, we knew that we wanted a calm, submissive, well-behaved dog.  So, we looked around at our friends’ dogs and said to ourselves, “who do we want our dog to be like when she grows up?’ – Sort of like how new parents might look at the kids of other parents’ children for guidance.  As such, we talked lots to our friends and yellow lab owners, Ron and Kristie Coia.   Their dog Aslan is a great dog, and we want Piper to become a great dog too, so we asked them for all of their advice.

After giving us all their doggy parenting tips, and a season of Cesar Milan’s ‘Dog Whisperer’ show, they told us to read this book.

As a new dog owner, I poured over the pages (can you pour over kindle ‘pages’?) and highlighted a ton of insightful tips.   The monks of New Skete have been raising and training German Shepherds for decades now.  Their years of insight show both in this book and the results we’ve already experienced in our dog.   The book is especially helpful for puppy owners who don’t know what they’re doing (like myself).  As I followed their advice, I found the information empowered me to be the ‘pack leader’ of my dog.

If your going to get a puppy, I would highly recommend you getting this book and reading it first.   If you already have an older dog that you could use some guidance with, you may want to try  one of their other books.

Here’s a picture of Piper at the beach:

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