Mark’s #10 – Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn (413 pages)

This was the first Vince Flynn book that I’ve read… and probably the last.   The political/spy thriller was, well, not that thrilling.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t all that compelling.

Buddy has already reviewed this book. There he wrote something to the effect, “Flynn writes with a conservative bent”.  For which Buddy receives the award for biggest understatement on As a result, parts of the book seemed a bit strained to make a political point.

On the other hand, I found it ironic that throughout the story Flynn began to draw the reader’s sympathies toward one of the more moderate, educated, and sophisticated Islamic terrorists in the story (even though he was involved in an attack that killed hundreds of people).  By the end, this character was sort of a hero as he turned on another terrorist… all of which left me scratching my head.

The next time I’m looking to read in this genre, I’ll probably pick up a David Baldacci book.

2 stars

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