Lead Like Ike, Buddy’s #3

Having just visited Bastogne with my wife a few months ago I was keen to read a book regarding one of the central figures of WWII.

I really enjoyed the book as it combines a number of my favorite subjects, Business, Biography, Military and History. The ten leadership lessons that Geoff loftus pulls out were:
1. Determine Your Mission
2. Plan for Success
3. Stay Focused
4. Prioritize
5. Plan to Implement
6. Communicate
7. Motivate your People
8. Manage Your People
9. Avoid Project Creep
10. Be Honest

Not earth shaking leadership theory but great reminders as one seeks to lead. There were times when I felt the comparisons to business were a bit of a stretch for a military leader. One subject that the author belabored was how awful General Montgomery was and what a pain in the butt he was to lead. Probably the low point of Ike’s leadership was the he continued to put up with Monty long after Monty should have been sacked. I do agree with the author’s perspective but he said it so frequently it became annoying.

Overall I enjoyed the book and was impressed with Ike’s dedication to the military, his preparedness and his quick ascension to the highest rank in the army. He rose from Colonel to 5 star general in 3 1/2 years.

A bonus side note is that Camp David was so named after Ike’s grandson.

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