Justin’s #58 – Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God, Francis Chan, 220 pages

I read this book on a plane flight from Japan to South Korea. It was fitting that I read it then, because what I was embarking on was similar to the point of this book: living a life that is truly meaningful to God. That simply is the thrust of what Francis Chan is trying to communicate. But it’s also a critique of the Christian Church in America.

Chan begins the book as getting your mind right; it’s a review for those who may not know and a reminder for those who do of who God is and what the Gospel means. With this introduction, Chan dives into our response as Christians. Here is this God who loves us more than we comprehend and He asks certain things of us. He asks us to go unto all the nations and make disciples, preach the Gospel, and baptize. And yet, we have trouble reading our Bibles in our $300,000 homes with our two cars, iphones, and computers; we find it difficult to love on those less fortunate than ourselves and we would never even consider going somewhere where God has not blessed the people financially as He has in America. This is the critique of the American Church Chan is trying to point out. It’s not all about you, it’s all about God! His love for us demands a response in obedience to Him, which often times means going outside your comfort zone to love on others.

This book is truly life changing. For me and I know for others. I appreciate Chan’s loving attitude toward his readers but also his gentle but firm rebuke of the kind of lives that we live. This is an excellent book I highly recommend!

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