JRF’s #9: Finally Free by Heath Lambert – 176 Pages

This was my second time reading Finally Free and I still hold it as being the best book I know of (outside of Scripture) for addressing the fight against lust.  The primary reason for the book’s effectiveness is that it isn’t a book about lust or pornography.  It is a book ultimately about the power and beauty of Christ.

The first time I read this book on my own.  This time I read it with another brother in Christ and we met weekly to discuss it.  This added another dimension of the books’ effectiveness.

As I’ve already reviewed this book and linked to other (better) reviews here so I will leave you with just a few quotes from this helpful resource:

Child of God, consider your salvation and be humbled! You were a foul and wretched sinner. Your life was defined by rebellion and hatred. You were lost, lacking any ability to gain salvation for yourself. In your pitiful state, the love, goodness, and kindness of God appeared in the person of Jesus Christ to save you. This salvation happened, not because of any good thing you have done, but simply because God is loving, kind, and merciful. He didn’t have to save you. You did nothing to deserve it. And it would have been perfectly just for God to leave you in your sin, condemned for all of eternity. But he didn’t. That’s the good news that sets sinners free. It should humble you to realize that someone as wicked and rebellious as you is the recipient of such amazing love and undeserved mercy.

In Romans 1: 5, Paul writes, “Through [Jesus Christ ] we received grace and apostleship to call all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith for his name’s sake.” Here Paul is teaching that God has given his people grace so that they are able to obey and bring honor to the name of Christ among the nations. Grace is not merely “unmerited favor”— that God has a pleasing disposition toward us; grace is also power.

Thankfulness is the opposite of lust because the thankful heart has stopped prowling around for everything it doesn’t have and is overwhelmed with appreciation for all the good things it already possesses.

When you find yourself working to look to Christ more than you find yourself working to avoid porn, you’ll know you’ve turned the corner.


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