JRF’s #50 – A Seed Falls on Okinawa by Peter A. Hewett

A disappointing read.  I’m not sure when/how I picked this book up but a few days ago when I was flipping through my Kindle looking for short books I could read to round out my 52 books for the year, I came across this 70 page short fictional story by Mr. Hewett about the battle of Okinawa and thought it might be an interesting read, considering it took place where I live and was supposedly about a Christian who died here.

Well it does take place on Okinawa – and it does provide some interesting facts and insights into the Okinawan culture.  Unfortunately, the book’s redeeming qualities end there.  The author’s overly-descriptive and pretentious writing style was distracting.  But that is forgivable.  The horrid theology presented is not.  A mixture of universalism and syncretism with a thin veneer of Roman Catholicism, there is no Gospel Truth to be found here, just therapeutic contextualization.

This book won’t be showing up on any top ten lists this year.

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