JRF’s #4 – Wanted: The World – The Well-Meant offer of the Gospel from a Missionaries Perspective by Trevor Johnson

In this short book, Trevor Johnson tackles the question, “Can I tell people indiscriminately that God loves them and still be Biblically faithful?”

Johnson, a 5-point Calvinist who is a current missionary in Southeast Asia, refutes the idea that Reformed theology, and more importantly the Bible, teaches that God is insincere in His Gospel invitation to the world.

Using Scripture and many quotes from Calvinist theologians the author skillfully shows that God indeed loves the world and desires the salvation of all.  He confronts the Hyper-Calvinist belief that God only truly loves the elect.

This was a great little read that increased my zeal for sharing the Gospel with any and all who will hear me, as well as increased my love for my Sovereign Savior who truly loves the lost.


There is no reason to sacrifice the lovingkindness of God or to minimize His kind entreaties in an effort to magnify His sovereignty . The sovereign God is a loving God whose disposition is to bless His creation .

Johnson, Trevor. WANTED: The World: The Well-Meant Offer of the Gospel from a Missionary’s Perspective (Kindle Locations 230-233). Trevor Johnson. Kindle Edition.

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