JRF’s #3: Do More Better by Tim Challies – 104 pages


I started the year off reading Tim Challies universally praised productivity book, Do More Better.   I had read the blog series that the book was based on a year ago and had been half-heartedly trying to implement it.  Reading the book helped me to fine tune the system and reboot my efforts to stick to it.  Whatever your life stage or situation, this book will help you be a better steward of the time, resources, talents, and opportunities God has given you.  At a little over 100 pages it is accessible and without frills.

I highly recommend it.

“Productivity is not what will bring purpose to your life, but what will enable you to excel in living out your existing purpose.”

“If you can bring glory to God in all areas, you should bring glory to God in all areas. There is no area of your life where you have no ability to do good to others and where you have no ability to bring glory to God.”

“Always ensure you follow the familiar dictum, a home for everything, and like goes with like. Also ensure that you do something with everything.”



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