JRF’s #26 – Fearless by Eric Blehm


Fearless tells the heroic story of fallen Seal Team Six Operator Adam Brown.  But Fearless is much more than just a military biography.  It is an against all odds story.  It is the story of a prodigal son returning. It is the story of a drug addict and felon becoming not only a contributing member of society…not only a U.S. service member…not only a Navy Seal…but a member of Seal Team Six!  Its the story of a broken, sin-enslaved wretch becoming an honorable husband, father, and man of God and warrior.  It is the story of the power of a loving, faithful wife and the courage her patience and forgiveness inspires.  And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

This is a story of God’s Amazing Providential Grace and the power of the Gospel to transform.

Read this book.

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