JRF’s #17 – The Birds: Our Teachers by John Stott


Yes that John Stott.  The John Stott who wrote the classics The Cross of Christ and Basic Christianity.

That same John Stott also happens to be an avid bird watcher.  In this book he follows Christ command to, “Look at the birds…” (Matthew 6:26) and shares some of his thoughts gathered over a lifetime of studying birds around the world.  In what he calls “ornitheology”, Stott draws Biblical lessons from bird behavior.

For most of my life I never took much notice of birds.  But then I met Sarah and she was really into birds.  Since I was into Sarah, I started getting into birds.  Over the years my love of birds and birdwatching has grown (as has my love of Sarah!).  I, like Stott, have noticed that my interest in birds has resulted in an increased awareness of the fuel for the fire of worshipping God that can be found in His living artwork.

Although I didn’t always agree with Stott, and at times the connections between bird behavior and Biblical truth felt a little forced, this book was a great reminder that all of creation should point us back to worship the Creator.

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