JRF’s #15: Developing a Healthy Prayer Life by James and Joel Beeke – 99 pages



This short but powerful book is designed to be read over 31 days.  Each days reading is a few pages and focuses on a particular aspect of prayer.  I found this to be a perfectly paced, practical and Gospel rooted devotional that fit well into my recently compressed schedule.  It engages the mind, flames the soul and moves the heart.

“It is important to realize that genuine humility and genuine boldness are not opposites…Authentic boldness results from a right view of Christ and who God is through Him for lost sinners…Praying boldly is praying humbly.  Knowledge of self and knowledge of God are truths in tandem.”


“Strong ‘Jacob-like’ wrestlers get nowhere even when they wrestle the entire night.  But fervent, broken-legged, ‘Israel-like’ beggars prevail, undaunted by injury or the approach of dawn.”


“Unfulfilled prayer can serve as a means to produce far deeper and more valuable benefits than those we originally requested.”

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