JRF’s #14: The Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler – 224 pages


I read and reviewed this book back in 2013.  You can read my original review here.

I reread it this year and used it as the basis of a Biblical Leadership Bible study for officers in the Helicopter Air Wing I minister in.

I won’t rehash my original review.  I will say thought that re-reading this book through the lens of being a Naval officer and discussing it with other officers made it clear that the book’s greatest strength is also it’s greatest weakness. Molher’s intent was not to write a “7-easy-steps-to-being-a-great-leader type book.  Rather his goal was, “to redefine Christian leadership so that it is inseperable from passionately held beliefs, and to motivate those who are deeply commited to truth to be ready for leadership.”

This he greatly succeeds at, but at times in our discussions we agreed that it would have been more specific in how to apply our convictions to leadership, especially in the unique context of the military.  Most of the examples come from either Mohler’s (deserved) man-crush Winston Churchill or his own experiences, which didn’t always relate to our context as junior officers.  Our failure to always draw connections and applications of the principles in the book more than likely reflect on our weaknesses more than the book’s however.

Still one of the best books on leadership I have read and still highly recommended.


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