JRF’s #1: The God of Great Reversals by Timothy Cain – 188 pages


This book came out this week but I was given an advance reader copy by its author – my pastor, Tim Cain – and quickly devoured it.

As the subtitle – “the Gospel in the Book of Esther” – spells out, this is a walk through the story of Esther.  What Cain is exceptionally gifted at – not just in his writing but also his preaching – is pointing to Jesus and the Gospel in every passage.  This is no easy task when looking at the book of Esther, for it is the only book in the Bible where God is not mentioned even once.  Yet Cain shows that not only is God clearly to be seen in this gripping story, but when viewed through the lens of the Gospel the beauty and preeminence of Christ shines with a blinding light.

Having first heard much of the material in this book as a sermon series at our church, Kaleo Church of El Cajon, I can attest to the life giving truths in this book.  Having a daughter named Esther and having preached through the book of Esther myself, I thought that I didn’t have much more to learn.  I was wrong.  Not only does Tim powerfully and colorfully articulate some truths that I had already seen, he skillfully and accessibly illumined how the Gospel changes everything about this story.  The applications that he draws from the narrative have not only strengthened my soul and walk with the Lord, but I attest that I have used them almost on a weekly basis in my counseling as a Navy chaplain.

This is a great book to start the year off with.  Read it.  Have your faith encouraged, your resolve to walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel encouraged and your heart stoked with delight in your Lord and your God.

you can find the book on amazon here.


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