Joe’s #3: Scarlet (the King Raven, Book 2)

I bought the first book in this series with a touch of apprehension. I love the Robin Hood tale and enjoy fresh takes on old ideas. I loved the first book. Stephen Lawhead is at his best when he is telling a rip roaring story of love, adventure, battles and human issues. He achieves that in the first book.

In Scarlet though he reminded me why I didn’t like his King Arthur series. This book was a chore to finish for me. The plot itself is intriguing but the delivery lacks. The story is told from the first person POV of Will Scatlocke (Scarlet). Occasionally the book will drop back into a third person POV and actually move forward but when “Ole Will” is telling the story it’s slow and painful. I just didn’t like it. Love, battles, human intrigue; they’re all in there, they’re just buried under a mountain of unnessary words and terrible tempo.

It does end with a cliffhanger and I know that people are raving about the third book so I’m hoping Lawhead will right the ship with that one.


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