Jim’s #15: The Firm by John Grisham

I’ve never really been into fiction books.  I always thought why spend my time reading fiction when I could read something worthwhile.  Well, I decided to give it a try finally… with John Grisham.  Everyone’s heard of him and his books almost always hit the #1 best seller list, so I decided to try out his first book, the Firm (I’ve always chuckled at how recognizable his titles are).  Some of you probably saw the movie.  I didn’t even know there was a movie until I was almost done with the book, though I did find myself thinking, “I bet if they made a movie with this, they would star Tom Cruise.”

So anyway, the story is one of Mitch McDeere, a well-recruited Harvard Law grad that is eventually lured away from the big shot firms to a small but remarkably well-paying one in Memphis only to find out that the firm is a front for a money laundering ring for a big shot mob family from Chicago.  Ok, that’s as much plot as I can give in one sentence.  It’s really a great book and makes me want to read more of Grisham’s stuff.  More importantly, I need to go find the movie and watch it.

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  1. Is now the great surge in reading with the wife in PNG? If you liked Grisham, check out The Lincoln Lawyer on Kindle… that was a good book.

  2. Yes, it certainly is. More to come as well. I need to do about 12 books while she’s gone. Get some catchup going on. Thanks for the suggestion.

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