Buddy’s #1 God in a Brothel

Wow! What a poor choice for the first book of the year. Not because the book is poor but because it is disturbing.

Daniel Walker is a Kiwi who spent 4 years of his life in undercover work to fight human trafficking with 3 different human rights organizations. He deals with some of the realities of fighting slavery in a blunt manner and does not sugar coat much. I do think there are some things that he left out and I wish that he had not had to change the names of locations but I am sure to most that won’t affect the impact of the book.

There is much to learn for those that are interested in being involved in bringing the love of Christ to the least and the last. I think it is a good read for those that do not want to directly get involved so that they can more effectively pray for those who are involved. Though I do not go out on investigations myself I work with those who do and feel the heaviness as they learn the stories of young girls and ladies on a weekly basis. I guess even the reason writing this is so difficult is because the fight is difficult and there are many casualties including Daniel Walker himself, in some ways.

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