Drew’s #37 — What it is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes

My last book of 2012 (didn’t quite get to 52) but a really, really great one.  Unlike the author’s previous best seller, “Matterhorn”–an historical narrative that follows a young USMC lieutenant through his tour in Viet Nam–What it is Like… is a non-fiction observation of affects of war on a soldier.  The author describe his time in Viet Nam (which will be very familiar if you read his narrative) and discusses the relationship between combat/military service and initiation to manhood.  He is very candid about his own experiences and brilliantly insightful on the needs of serviceman (combat servicemen in particular) before, during, and after wartime.   An absolute “must-read” for any military member or anyone thinking of joining the service.

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