Drew’s #24 — Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

In the author’s dreary future, the internet is a V/R universe called the Oasis and is more of a reality to most people than overcrowded, dilapidated  real world.  But the death of the Oasis’s creator (clearly Steve Jobs, though not so named) leaves it’s future up for grabs in his will, offering control of it to whoever deciphers a collection of riddles and overcomes the challenges they lead to.  The fiercest competitors are the evil computer industry, Integrated Online Innovation (I.O.I) and the Gunter’s, a collection of gamers and techies and .  Among the former is a an unlikely young man from a shanty style trailer park who propels himself into fame and fortune when he solves the first clue and takes the lead in the race for control of the Oasis.  The young man becomes the unwitting leader of the Gunters along with a group of his friends who eventually have to brave the real world in order to stay alive when I.O.I. resorts to deadly means to knock the “Goonies”-like Gunters out of the race.

Creative and unexpectedly engaging for what it is.  Lots of nostalgic arcade and movie throw-backs for geek in all of us.  One big turn off for this book for me, though, is that for some reason the author decides to take an otherwise light-hearted story about gamers and nerds and throw in a atheistic appeal that “religion is complete B.S.”  It’s a two line blurb and nothing to do with the rest of the story and serves no purpose except to highlight the piss-poor job done by the editor to screen such irrelevant takes but it stuck out to me.  Anyhow, if you white it out, the rest of the story is enjoyable.

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