Drew’s # 22 — The Gray Man by Mark Greaney

Another action-adventure full of big bangs, guns, McGuyver-style saves, and spies.  Like eating candy on a diet, this book is satisfying in the, but no doubt is doing nothing to help my MS…

A lone, private operative finds himself the victim of a wicked double-cross right after a mission.  Just like that, the ex-U.S. military special operations commando turned private gun known as The Gray Man finds himself  in the middle of political power play slotting his contract for termination–permanently.  The more elusive the Gray Man becomes, the more teams are brought in from around the world to kill him.

Fun story even if it stretches the borders of realistic (Die Hard 2 style–there are no ejection seats in a C-130).  But what the heck, it’s equally unrealistic that a wolf would dress up like  an shut-in in order to eat a little girl but we’ve all heard that one before.  Also, it’s a little long.  Not exactly epic, but it gets kind of tedious.

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