Drew’s #2 — Gideon’s Sword

This book (and it’s companion, pending a review to follow) offshoots from a larger story told by the authors in their series involving a shadowy FBI agent, primarily, and host of supporting characters—a couple of which make up the present tale.  An honest assessment, laid simply, is that it’s a fun story but wholly fantastic.  It’s action-packed to be sure and the scenarios are clever and sometimes intriguing but, like any good action movie, require the viewer (reader in this case) to suspend reality for the purposes of continuity.  Though to be fair, unlike just any good action movie and instead on par with some GREAT action movies, the authors do a good job, in most places, of cunningly pacifying the readers higher sensibilities and create a playful illusion of reality for an all-in-all fun read.  A couple of complaints/observations:  the main character comes across as more of a supporting character whose been given his own story, the character’s love interest is a weak subplot, and (you’ll notice this if you read this one and will be particularly annoyed with it in the second one) one of the characters in one of the larger subplots just falls completely out of the story.  It is a little graphic in some places, so be warned.

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