Drew’s #17 –1984 by George Orwell


Everything D’souza left out of his documentary on Obama…  I know that’s a little harsh, but you only think that because it hasn’t happened yet.  This book is the about a dystopian, hopeless world collapsed into desperate and total socialism of the kind witnessed under Stalin (…and perhaps coming soon to a country near you…).  Everything from the media to business to education is controlled by the government (known here as Big Brother) under the arm of a crushing secret police.  Its people are lied to as matter of course, history is rewritten to suite the powers that be in the moment and there is NO perceptible resistance.  …save for a hopeless pair who work desperately from the inside to free the world from the grasp of big brother.  Read alongside Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, After America, and D’souza’s 2012.

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