David’s #5 – The Pilgrimage By Paulo Coelho

The potential adventure in this book caught my attention. Surprise, surprise, the Camino De Santiago, the trail to St. James Cathedral in Spain is attractive to me and has made it on my bucket list. Could a protestant guy go on a? So when I received this book as a gift I was excited and had high expectations. It is the story of Paulo’s journey along the Camino in search of his sword and the small sect of Catholicism filled with mysticism and magic known as RAM, that he intends to join. I’ll admit, the tale of the journey to find his sword, signifying the completion of his training and the entrance into the brotherhood coupled with self discovery was engaging. Paulo’s simple and real writing style drew me into the story and along the trail with him and his guide. The instruction by his guide, and realizations made by Paulo are filled with Biblical principals from Agape to selfless servitude. Unfortunately, they miss the point. So close and with such potential, they miss the mark and their focus is turned inward, in typical humanistic fashion. Instead of a realization of Christ as Savior and our fallen nature and need for redemption, the main character placed his false belief in the power within instead of placing his hope in the truth.

Paulo Coelho is a skilled story teller but in this case I think he would have been better off sticking to the mere details of the pilgrimage adventure.

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