David’s #40 – The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe By C.S. Lewis

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is probably the most well-known book in the Narnia series.  Most people reading this review(if anyone actually reads these) are familiar with this work.  

It is a simple children’s story.  But true to Lewis style he paints a vivid picture of Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edmond and how they discovered Narnia; or perhaps more appropriately, how Narnia discovered them.  

The reader meets Mr. Tumnus the faun, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and is reacquainted (if they started the series with The Magicians Nephew) with the horrible White Witch and the amazingly magnificent, but ferociously dangerous Aslan. 

Lewis uses the fantasy land of Narnia, the betrayal by Edmond, and the redemption by Aslan as a beautiful allegory of our sin and Christ’s sacrifice to save us.  

The timeless gospel message told in an amazingly creative way.  A must read for adults and children alike.

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