David’s #3: Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith By Wayne A. Grudem

th-3Are you reformed? I’d like to think so; I’ve changed a whole lot in my walk with Christ? Oh that’s not what you meant? I don’t remember exactly when I got fed up with being asked whether I was a dispensationalist or a pre or post tribulation millennial, old or young earth creationist who believed in pado-baptism. Mostly I just thought that the people that were asking those questions where pretentious jerks who spent more time focusing on theology rather than the gospel. This is kind of odd because I’m normally a nerd who loves to read. But isn’t so odd because I’m pretty proud, “judgy” and hypocritical.

I decided I needed to learn some of this stuff. This year I asked for a book on doctrine for Christmas and received this gem from my family.   I read this book, which is essentially a textbook, cover to cover. I have only scratched the surface and am by no means an expert or even knowledgeable on any of these topics but I never imagined what learning about different aspects of theology would do for me. This book not only gave me a much deeper understanding of the extreme complexity of the God I profess to serve, it taught me so much about his incredible plan for me, the world, and His children. It also started to help me begin to grasp how much He loves me.

Yes, the Bible is all about the gospel. It is the central theme and should be our primary focus. Unlike what I was previously inclined to think, learning about doctrine does not take us away from the gospel, on the contrary, each of the topics that Grudem covers only provides deeper understanding of the gospel.

There are too many topics to outline even one of them here. Wayne Grudem covers it all, from creation to baptism, to communion, to Christ’s return and everything in between. He does an amazing job of explaining these concepts in an easy to grasp way while backing it all up with scripture upon scripture upon scripture. This book is easy to read, but is not simple. It takes time and dedication to work through. But I would recommend it to any and all Christians. This book can only serve to deepen your faith. I have only read it once but I know that this will be a go to reference book to help guide my own walk and will also allow me to more knowledgeably explain the depths of the Bible to others.

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