David’s #22 – Jesus Prom by John Weece

Do not let the title dissuade you.  Despite being a heartwarming story, “Jesus Prom” is a disaster of a title.  Less than one chapter is dedicated to the event that is labeled such.  That is not what the whole book is about.  It is about loving people.  Jesus loves people, and as Christians, that is our calling as well.  We cannot be the people of Jesus without loving the people that He loves.

I’m a bit of a word nerd so I appreciated the way that Jon Weece describes our situation.  We are nouns.  Christian (n.)- the person who loves people.  Church (n.) – the people who love people.  We need verbs to fulfill our purpose.  Verbs like, love, go, suffer, dance, see, give, remember, and rest.  The book combines important scriptural lessons with uplifting stories of Christians exemplifying these verbs.
Not quite as extreme feeling as “Radical” or “Crazy Love” but it does call for action in common areas of our lives where we can all do better at sharing Christ’s love.
It is well written, quick and easy to read.  Entertaining, encouraging, and convicting.

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