David’s #20 – The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

There are a handful of books that I think should be re-read every year or two in order to provide renewed perspective and to help us refocus. This book fits into that category.

Do we adequately hunger and thirst for God? I know I don’t. This book is an excellent aid and reminder of who God is, who we are to Him, who we are in this world, and what God requires of us.

Tozer covers numerous important topics, and points of struggle while continually pointing to Jesus and the gospel. Some highlights are:

-Our preoccupation with material possessions and things of this world.

-The blinding veil that causes the destructive sins of “self”.

-The false belief in a distinction between the “spiritual world” and the “living world”.

-Our failure to recognize God’s omnipresence and our failure to listen to His voice.

-Our need to fix our eyes completely on God.

-The necessity in placing God in His appropriate place, above ALL else, and humbly and meekly putting ourselves in our proper place.

Tower does not pretend that this ultimate pursuit is easy. But it is worth it. I especially like Tozer’s prayers of confession and supplication at the end of each chapter. I will definitely go back to them regularly.

The book is well written, the language is not overly verbose, and the content is appropriate wherever you are on your walk. It will help you know God better, pursue Him more intently, and serve Him more completely. Every Christian should read this book.

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