David’s #2 Living The Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing By C.J. Mahaney

Are you constantly overwhelmed by the good news of the gospel? Broken by the fact that we all are sinners? Am I in anguish over the fact that when I sin I make myself an enemy of God? That I am desperately in need of God’s Grace and that there is nothing that I could ever do about that? Or do to earn that grace? But that it’s okay, I don’t have to? That God the Father, in order to save us from Himself, sent his son Jesus to earth to take on his wrath for the sake of the whole world? That Jesus, out of immense love for sinners and a desire to do his father’s will, stayed on the cross, knowing what he was about face, complete abandonment and aloneness, a suffering more intense than any pain we will ever face. We should be constantly preoccupied by these truths!

So often we tend towards the perspective that the gospel is the beginning and that once we acknowledge the atoning sacrifice of Christ we can move on to other spiritual things. But the cross is it! It is the gospel. It’s the climax, the central point, and the key. There should be no moving on from here because without it we can have nothing. Without it there is no mediator for prayer or forgiveness. It is the path through which we are justified and continue to be sanctified. The Cross is the reason why we have a savior who can relate to us in times of hurt and suffering. It is through the grace of the cross that we are afforded the faith to believe and the wisdom to understand. It is only through the grace of the cross that we can ever even understand our need for the grace of the cross.

C.J. Mahaney does a wonderful job of making all of this clear. That the cross should constantly be the central focus of our life and the lens through which we see everything. He outlines and reemphasizes the truths that should always be on our hearts and minds while bringing to light several barriers that might be hindering us from an adequately cross centered life. He wraps up with some simple but not necessarily easy ideas to ensure that our focus stays where it should.

It’s a short book but not necessarily a quick read. This isn’t a “self help” book. It is a life focus book and I highly recommend that you read it soon.

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