David’s # 16 – Invictus Mindset by CrossFit Invictus Coaches

This eBook was given to me by a friend from my gym. It was produced by C.J. Martin, the owner of an incredible gym in Southern California, CrossFit Invictus. He requires prospective coaches to write articles on a variety of fitness related topics as part of his coaches development program. This book is a compilation of articles centered on the topic of mental toughness. The premise is that mental toughness is a skill that can be learned and is essential to success in our life’s endeavors. That drive that causes some to succeed is not an accident and it can and should be cultivated in order to reach our full potential.

It covers a variety of topics that go into the mental element of success; goal setting, visualization, arousal control, self-talk and self-confidence. The overarching themes of the book apply to anyone, regardless of what they are trying to achieve, and are common in many “self-help” books, for lack of a better term. However, “Invictus Mindset” is aimed primarily at athletes in general, and CrossFit athletes specifically. It is unique in that majority of articles are written by very successful CrossFit athletes.

It is fairly well written and easy to read. It has the potential to be a valuable motivational and instructional tool for anyone seeking to improve their athletic game and those who use it will most definitely be able to carry the principles outside of the gym into other aspects of their lives. However, if you’re not a CrossFit weirdo already, I would definitely recommend looking elsewhere for your keys to mental toughness as much of this book will be lost on you.

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