David’s #15 – Big Fish by Daniel Wallace

You might have already seen and loved the film but the book is even better! It makes for a wonderful summer read!

Edward Bloom was a hero, loved by women, men, children and animals. He tamed wild beasts, saved lives, and no one could run faster. At least that is how William knows his father; the constant storyteller and jokester. He and his father recount tall tales and corny jokes as William hunts for the truth about who his father really is. Who is the man behind the comedian and constant entertainer? This frantic search has been brought on by the ever-nearing death of Edward. William wrestles simultaneously with this confusing quest and the impending loss that is drawing closer and closer. As he does so, William starts to understand who his father is, his dreams, his successes, and his failures.

William’s desire to know his father is something that many people can relate to; or at least to know their father more. I know that I can. Wallace reveals interesting truths by interweaving reality and fantasy in this tall-tale fable.

His journey is filled with incredibly entertaining stories as Edward colorfully recounts his father’s mythical and legendary adventures. The chapters are short and comprised of brief stories making it a great book for the pool, beach, or wherever your summer takes you. You’re sure to laugh and you might even discover something in the process.


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