David’s #13 – Sharia Law for Non-Muslims By Bill Warner

This short book provides a clear overview of Political Islam for the common man. It provides a clear distinction between Religious Islam and the Political Islam which is seeking to transform the world. It focuses on America and Europe where demands are being made that are religiously motivated but political in nature.

Warner covers a variety of topics included in the subject of Sharia law; the treatment of women, family law, jihad, slavery, the treatment of kafirs (non-believers) and much more. He speaks of the two distinct periods in Muhammad’s life and the resulting different teachings of the Koran. The first was time in Mecca, where his focus was almost exclusively religious and the number of converts and disciples miniscule. The second period was his time in Medina which was much more tyrannical and violent, primarily politically driven, and resulted in many more converts and followers, many of whom were forced to convert.

Warner’s main goal is to shed light on the deliberate process that is in place, based on sacred hate, for the Islamization of the world. He shows the specific steps that are taken. Steps which to even the casual observer are being carried out in the United States. First is the acceptance of a new nation and attempt to be viewed as bridging the divide by emphasis that Islam is a sister religion to Christianity and Judaism, despite the fact that Islam teaches that adherents of the latter two are infidels that must be converted or illuminated. Next comes the making of demands such as special accommodation for Islam and its practices. Anyone who opposes them is emphatically labeled an Islamaphobe, bigot, and racist. But where do the demands end? Prayers rooms in school and time set apart during the day for prayer? Halal cafeterias? The wear of the burkas for young women in school sports or even in driver’s license photos? Even insisting that hospitals make accommodations for Sharia medicine? The possibilities are endless, as we have seen in the U.S. The final takeover is possible once this groundwork has been laid.

He brings up the idea that specific allowances are made for Muslims living in non-Islamic countries such as the modifications for the requirements of prayer and the handling and eating of pork, which are traditionally forbidden. Despite what we are made to believe, the accommodation of these demands is not required in order to respect the Muslim religion nor are they required to allow its adherents to live as “good Muslims” in our society, which is founded on Judeo-Christian values.

This concise, easy to read book provides an in depth but quick education into the basis for Muslim political beliefs that are being use in an attempt to overthrow our country. I am by no means an expert in Islam but from the studies that I have done this book struck me as accurate and helpful in answering a variety of questions.

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